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When 4 movie be 1 movie
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Disney And DreamWorks characters are going to battle it
out to the death to see who is stronger and who is
the best of the best.

Toothless Stitch is Sorry plz 
Toothless VS Stitch : Toothless is a black night fury with retractable teeth and strong claws that can easily
grab onto solid stone. Toothless has a wing span of 45 feet long and weighs 1,776lbs. He is known as the
last and fastest dragon in the world. His Rider is Hiccup Haddock and is now known as the King of all dragons
aka The Alpha of all Dragons. Despite Toothless size, Toothless has time and time again proved that size doesn't
matter. Toothless relies on his strength, speed, and intelligence whenever he is fighting another foe. Toothless
is not like other dragons most Dragons would kill a human on sight but Toothless avoids it. It seems that
Toothless has a fondness for Humans and has never killed one. He is stubborn and arrogant at times and
sometimesjust plain selfish and childish but he dose care for others and has a soft spot for his rider. 
Toothless has a plasma blast that can set anything into flames also the plasma blast gets stronger when
Toothless grows out his sticks on his back. Toothless never misses his target. Stitch wasn't born he was created
to be the most unstoppable alien in the world. Stitch has superhuman strength that allows him to lift anything a
1,000 times his size such as a plane or a trunk. He can climb walls and see in the dark. His only weakness in
water. Stitch proves much like Toothless that size doesn't matter. It's who your protecting that makes you
strong. Stitch is owned by Lilo and her older sister. Stitch also has cousins that have helped him out a couple
times. Unlike Stitch, Toothless has been alone since he was born and didn't have to depend on others. According
to Valka, Toothless is the same age as Hiccup, which would make him 20 years old. Which means that Toothless
has been on his own for 6 years before he met Hiccup. Stitch is intelligent in his own right, but he is also a show
off and quite childish with no battle experience like Toothless dose. Stitch also has no ability to fly unless he is
in a space ship and has been shown that he can get hurt so he's not completely immortal. The winner of this
death battle is Toothless.

Jack Frost Icon Hiccup Weapon Icon 
The next death battle will be Hiccup VS Jack Frost.


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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Hi. What's up ? I am darkmousyxkagome. I have been on deviantart for years. I am a professional digital artiest. I am an anime/manga fan my life basically evolves around it. I have read and seen every anime series there is and I know every single detail about each character within each anime series. I have pets and I live in Florida. I am in my late 20's.

What I Ship : Jackunzel , Hiccunzel, NaruSaku, FrostBite/Rainbow Snowcones, Jarida ,Mericcup, Hiccelsa, Kristanna, Helsa, InuKag, Toothless & Rain, Trunks & Lucy, Jarida, Felsa. I respect all ships and I don't like to be a hater towards any ship. My Motto is " SHIP WHAT YOU WANT TO SHIP" and I live by this motto in the AU world.

My Top Favorites are :
Yugioh GX
Yugioh 5Ds
Fairy Tale
Rosario Vampire
Kiddy grade
Digimon Savers
Black Cat
Fullmetal Alchemist / Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Inuyasha / Inuyasha Final Act
Sailor Moon
Full metal Panic
Vampire Knight
Rave Master
Ah My Goddess
Danny Phantom
Rise Of the Guardians
Big Hero 6
How to Train Your Dragon
The Legend of Korra

You can also check me out at : bloodyrosethefirequeen.tumblr.…

I am also on : YouTube, Yahoo, Google, and Pinterest

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